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Windows 7 Microsoft drivers atualizar

You no longer update drivers through Microsoft Updates

The end of Windows 7 support left users of this system without access to updates and new features. Even with this attitude from Microsoft, users insist on keeping this system active and in use.

Microsoft now appears intent on bringing this system closer to its end. The software giant has decided that users will not be able to update drivers via system updates, and will have to resort to other methods.


same with the end Which it was in January of last year, has not stopped using Windows 7 extensively. Loyal users have kept this version installed in use, ensuring that monthly numbers slow down at a very slow pace.

The end of support also terminated updates, although some were granted to companies willing to pay for this additional security guarantee. It wasn't affordable for everyone, it ended up limiting the use of Windows 7.

The only thing that hasn't been stopped is the release of driver updates, which I kept seeing through updates. Manufacturers have maintained this method to keep their devices updated with the latest and most tuned software.

Update Microsoft Windows 7 Drivers

Because, even this capability now appears to be being removed from Windows 7. Microsoft has now decided to discontinue this update capability, due to a problem. With the end of the SHA-1 Trusted Root Certificate Authority, these updates can no longer be maintained.

An alternative would be to use a SHA-2 certificate, which Windows 7 does not support. When you download and install an incompatible driver on your computer, it will not start and function properly. This issue not only affects Windows 7, but also extends to Windows Server 2008.

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With this change, however, Microsoft forced Trace the path of other companies Like NVIDIA. The graphics card giant and other areas recently decided to abandon legacy systems thus leading users to upgrade their hardware.