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"You talk a lot, there's a lot of gunpowder and a small fuse."

“You talk a lot, there’s a lot of gunpowder and a small fuse.”

Thiago Falcao, former contestant of “O Amor Happen,” was this Tuesday, July 13, in Diário, as commentator. Together with Joanna Albuquerque and Flavio Furtado, the young man offered his opinions, but before that, he ended up talking about their comments about him, when he was still in the experiment.

“It felt good. Regarding Joanna, I am here to answer today (…) Flavio really liked his comments here for me, positive, and I agree with him very much”He started by saying.

That’s when Flavio Furtado stepped in, explaining that he “wasn’t” by his side:

“I wasn’t on your side, and I wasn’t on her side at all. [Catarina]”He said referring to his expert partner, 21-year-old Katharina.

“I think you talk a lot, it’s a lot of gunpowder and little valves, You remind me of my classmates back in high school, who were playing a game (…) The girls were supposed to pat the tails (…) but then when the girls said “let’s go”, “Oh Jesus! (…) I think in another context, here, she wouldn’t be what she was, maybe she was more willing to find love”later reinforced.

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