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On a stage in Utah: Republican Senator Mitt Romney spoke at a summit in West Valley City on Saturday. Foto: Rick Bowmer / AP

Republican Senator Mitt Romney was arrogant this weekend, calling him a “traitor” during a party summit in Utah. Partymate Susan Collins thinks the ceiling height at the party is getting too low.


Republican Senator Mitt Romney was not warmly received by his party colleagues in his home state of Utah on Saturday.

When he took the podium in front of more than 2,100 delegates during the state meeting of the party, he was greeted by boos and insults such as “traitor” and “Communist” from the hall, He writes for the local Salt Lake Tribune.

The reason is that Romney He repeatedly criticized former US President Donald Trump. It was among other things One of seven Republican senators Who voted to try Trump for his role in the January 6 storm of Congress.

Trump finally did He was acquitted in the Senate Supreme Court case.

– Don’t you feel embarrassed? Romney said offstage as he welcomed insults, writes the Salt Lake Tribune.

I am a man who says what he means, and you know I am not a fan of our ex-president’s personality problems.

– It gave courage to the Democrats

The bow should have ended only when outgoing party chairman Derek Brown asked delegates to show Romney’s respect.

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Yes, you can acquiesce in whatever you want, but I’ve been a Republican my whole life. My father was governor of Michigan and I was the Republican presidential candidate in 2012, Romney went on.

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Despite verbal opposition, the senator narrowly escaped trying to formally reprimand him for the vote he made in the Supreme Court case, he writes guardian. The vote ended with 798 votes to 711 among the state delegates for the party.

Romney is the only Republican senator to have voted to try Trump twice.

This was a process run by Democrats who hate Trump. Romney’s vote in the first referendum gave courage to the Democrats who have continued to harass Trump, said Rep. Don Jimon of Davis County, who was behind the proposal, told the AP.

Parties: Republican Senators Mitt Romney and Susan Collins. Photo: TOM BRENNER / X06967

Former Republican President Donald Trump and his supporters still have a firm grip on the Republican Party, CNN writes.

According to a new poll by the channel, 70 percent of Republicans believe US President Joe Biden really didn’t get enough votes to win the election. This was disputed by several courts.

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Criticism after the Biden salute

But Romney gets support from fellow Senator Susan Collins. The Republican from Maine also voted with the Democrats to try Trump.

“I was terrified,” she told CNN of the way she welcomed Romney in Utah.

We should have room for more views. We are not a party led by just one person.

Collins also comes with the support of Liz Cheney, who is the third most powerful Republican in the House. she He also voted to try Donald Trump after the congressional stormMany of her party colleagues have argued that she should be removed from power.

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– I did what I thought was right. Collins says I compliment her for that.

Criticize this: Republican Congressman Liz Cheney greets Democratic President Joe Biden with a so-called “fist” in the House of Representatives on April 28. Photo: Chip Somodyville / Getty Images North America

Criticism of Cheney has flourished since Democratic President Joe Biden was greeted with a so-called “fist” before his speech in Congress on April 28.

Representative of Congress Twitter took over To defend against criticism:

I strongly oppose Joe Biden’s policy. But when the president calls me to greet me in the House of Representatives, I will always respond in a civilized, respectful and dignified manner. We are different political parties, not sworn enemies. I wrote: We are Americans.

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