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Young worker accused of child rape – VG

The accused must have contacted the aggrieved party in the case through his employment as a youth worker.


A man from Egersund was jailed in March and charged with violating Sections 299 and 305.

These sections address rape and sexually abusive behavior towards children under the age of 14.

The man has pleaded guilty to all charges. He was held for four weeks, with speeches and visits monitored.

The accused worked as a young worker in Eigersund.

According to the prison sentence, he was in direct contact with the victims through work.

The ruling states that a man should have contact with about 20-25 young men. The investigation revealed that there are several.

Guilty between 11 and 14 years old

Police attorney Frederick Martin Soma said on Thursday Dalan Tindi Thursday that the fee has now been extended.

The charge was expanded and many things were revealed. I can confirm that he admitted to being physically abused as well. Police attorney Frederick Martin Soma tells Dalan Tindi: How many people think we’ve been physically raped, we’re keeping to ourselves for now.

– All the offenders are children between the ages of 11 and 14 years. Police lawyer Soma says there is talk of both online rape and physical rape Aftenbladet.

Soma did not say how many people are now wronged in the case.

Prison approval

The defense attorney for the accused, attorney Tor Inge Borgersen, says Aftenbladet That his client would not oppose further imprisonment.

– Beyond that, I can say that my client is cooperating with the police. Otherwise, I have no comment on the charge at the moment, says the defender.

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Dalane Tidende writes that the case has struck like a bombshell in Eigersund. The municipality has formed a working group to work on the issue.