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"You're still getting out of there Doctor..."

“You’re still getting out of there Doctor…”

Sonia Jesus was afflicted by the tragedy of her husband’s arrest, about two months after Vitor Soares was “arrested” in an operation by the Great Patriotic Movement that dismantled a drug trafficking network in the north of the country.

The former “Big Brother” rival, pregnant with her third child, Fabian, breaks the silence in an interview with TVMais, revealing her partner’s reaction to the arrest, and his acknowledgment of the relationship.

“I wish all the women in the world would feel the love like me. We talk on the cell phone every day, because he has the right to call three numbers, me and our girls, and talk to each one for five minutes, 15 minutes in total. He doesn’t give up talking to me and the girls.” Every two days I get a huge message and he gets it too, and we tell him about our daily life.”can be read.

Vitor Soares is being held in Bragança prison. The former BB contestant travels 400 km to visit her husband in prison: “He asks me to walk with my head held high.”

About the process, Sonia Jesus stated: “Only the truth is who knows, and I don’t even know. But it doesn’t stop there and it will be a piece of cake. Veto will continue to silence a lot of people.”can be read.

The North Woman also reveals how her companion spent his time in prison: “Vito will still get out of there, Doctor… He reads books, does training and participates in activities with the other inmates”admits.

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