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YouTube now accepts direct uploads of podcasts

YouTube now accepts direct uploads of podcasts

Podcasts can be hosted on YouTube from RSS feeds and creators no longer need to convert shows to video

January 10
– 11:02 pm

(Updated 11/1/2024 at 12:27 PM)

Hey Youtube Acceptance of the direct download of the podcast began this Tuesday (9). Files can be downloaded from RSS feeds Also used in other services flow And appear on the video platform and on YouTube musicwhich should be the preferred destination for producers and shows from now on.

Photo: Souvik Banerjee/Unsplash/Canaltech

As of the change, whenever a new version is published in the RSS feed, it will be uploaded directly to YouTube, on the creators' own channel. Videos will be generated automatically, based on each show's cover photo, and will remain private until manually reviewed and released by the user.

However, in the information about the new feature, YouTube indicates that this whole process may take a few days, which may upset those who value periodicity. On the other hand, according to Google, old shows can also be converted in this way, where, by linking the RSS feed to the channel, the creator is able to select all or some already published podcasts to be hosted directly on both services.


Creators who already use YouTube to upload podcasts or add visuals to their shows can continue to do so as usual, as… Google It will not restrict the traditional way of uploading videos on the website. Meanwhile, the integration with RSS feeds should be rolled out gradually and will be available to all creators, regardless of whether they work with audio software or not, over the next few weeks.

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The change is part of the end of Google Podcasts

The new feature coming to YouTube and YouTube Music is part of the audio giant's scheduled shutdown of the platform. Google Podcast. The shutdown scheduled for April 1 is part of a coping strategy with names like Spotify that it Apple musicAnd unify music and audio offerings in one place.

Although Google Podcasts will stop receiving new uploads in a few months, already published shows and subscriber lists will be available until June. The idea is to give creators time to upload users and timelines to a new platform — the suggestion, of course, is to use YouTube Music, which has an automatic import tool.

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