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YouTube removes a video of Tesla Full-Self Driving tests with real kids

YouTube removes a video of Tesla Full-Self Driving tests with real kids

YouTube has removed a video that shows Tesla drivers running their safety tests to determine if the electric vehicle’s fully autonomous driving capabilities (FSD) will automatically stop it for children crossing or standing in the middle of the road.

The video violates YouTube’s guidelines on content that puts minors at risk.

video called "Is Tesla's fully self-driving beta really hitting kids? (Does Tesla's fully self-driving beta really hit kids?) Originally Posted on Whole Mars Catalog YouTube channel Tesla owner and investor Tad Park shares an FSD job test with your children.

During the video, Park drives a Tesla Model 3 toward one of his children standing on the road, then tries again with his other son to cross the street. The car stops before children reach both times.

Video of Tesla's FSD Test Violates YouTube Guidelines

As explained on its support page, YouTube has specific rules against content that "endangers the emotional and physical integrity of minors". YouTube spokeswoman Elena Hernandez said that The video violates their policies against harmful and dangerous content and that the platform “does not allow content that depicts a minor engaging in dangerous activities or encourages minors to engage in dangerous activities.”

I have tried FSD Beta before, and will trust them with the lives of my children.

So I am very confident that my kids will find out, and I also control the steering wheel so I can brake at any time.

Park said during the now-removed video.

As of August 18, the video has garnered more than 60 thousand views on YouTube. The video was also posted on Twitter and is still available for viewing.

Not everything can be...

The crazy idea to test the FSD with real kids came after a video and ad campaign, posted on Twitter, showed Teslas apparently failed to detect and crash into the tiny dolls that had been placed in front of the car.

all of this It sparked a debate about job restrictions. The whole Mars catalog, a Channel The YouTube and Twitter platform run by Tesla investor Omar Kadi later hinted at the creation of a video featuring real children in an effort to prove the original findings wrong.

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