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YouTuber creates portable and playable PS2

YouTuber creates portable and playable PS2

Iconic Playstation 2 (PS2), released by Sony In 2000, I got a portable version – similar to Nintendo Switch Or with Steam Deck. The unofficial device has the same motherboard as the original console, but has a similar design to the 2011 PlayStation Vita.

Yes, the console works up to GTA San Andreas (Photo: Playback / Social Networks / GingerOfOz)

The laptop, dubbed PS2 Eclipse, was made by YouTuber and mod specialist GingerOfOz. He became famous on the Internet because, in 2020, he put together a portable Wii device similar to the Game Boy Color: the so-called Wiiboy Color.

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He also posted a video on Youtube Tell the details of the process. Watch (in English):

In case you’re curious, this other video shows the Wiiboy color, which was produced in 2020 (in English):

PS2 Eclipse design features a cover produced in printer 3D, as well as PlayStation Vita buttons, an analog Nintendo Switch and a 5-inch screen with a resolution of 480p. In addition, there are speakers, a headphone jack, and a battery that lasts about two and a half hours.

PlayStation 2, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch: together and mixed (Photo: Play / Social Media / GingerOfOz)

Since the hardware is original, the PS2 Eclipse is compatible with the entire library of games on the console, which is loaded via a drive. USB – That is, the games run slower compared to the physical disc. Just imagine the awesomeness of being able to play hard lime metalAnd God of War where silent hill 2 Anywhere.

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Not all flowers, though: GingerOfOz admits that some games still crash, and that buds sometimes fail. This will be fixed in future updates. But let’s face it: the problems are even acceptable, because the device has nothing to do with Sony, and it mixes parts from several other video games.

The PS2 Eclipse looks like it on the inside (Image: Playback/Social Media/GingerOfOz)

PS2 Eclipse will not be sold to the public. The reason, according to YouTubers, is that creating multiple ordering dashboards is “horrible”. If you want a portable console, you’d better try buying a Nintendo Switch – or wait Steam Deck arrives in Brazil.

Source: GingerOfOz (Twitter)And the edge

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