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YouTuber MrBeast has made $263,000 in X video test payouts

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MrBeast, an American YouTuber known around the world, earned more than $263,000 in ad revenue from posting his latest video on X, but the YouTube icon says he believes that number is “part of the facade.”

Advertisers saw the attention I was getting and bought ads on my video (I think), so my revenue per view is probably higher than what you see.

MrBeast said in a post on X.

Since taking control of Twitter (X Now), Elon Musk has tried to attract content creators to the platform with new ways to make money, How to earn a share of advertising revenue from your posts.

Perhaps the best thing Musk can do to get creators to take the platform seriously is to please everyone com. megastar From the Internet Mr. Best, Who has more subscribers than any other individual on YouTube.

Fortunately for Musk, MrBeast is a fan

When Musk asked the 25-year-old content creator to post his videos on X, he responded...

My videos have cost millions to make, and even if I got a billion views on

Apparently monetization is "really working" now, because MrBeast posted a 16-minute video last week and said he was "curious to see how much a video on X would bring in ad revenue."

A week later, YouTube Screenshot shared Which showed that the video had more than 156 million impressions and 5 million interactions And more than $263,000 in advertising revenue.

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However, during MrBeast's testing, some users were concerned that the X was treating the video as if it were an ad, which could hurt engagement. Maybe that's what the YouTuber means When you call your monetization success a “facade”.

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