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“You've lost track, you're doing this with malice, it's terrible.”

“You've lost track, you're doing this with malice, it's terrible.”

Antonio Bravo makes a splash on “Big Brother – Final Challenge” due to his arrogance and superiority over many of his teammates.

On the program “Última Hora” on Monday (12), Gonzalo Cuenaz criticized the competitor: “Antonio was competitive, always joking, always liked to have a good time, and the environment in this house was not conducive to that.“.

He's a fish out of water, and being a fish out of water has led him to say things, day after day, that are so completely unreasonable that I think he's buried himself more and more. It hurts me that he didn't realize that and didn't change“, he added.

Just yesterday I heard the expression he used: “You have a very low IQ.” But why or who is Antonio to say this to Savati, for example? He knows he's being filmed, he's been a commentator, and he knows what's being said here“, concluded Gonzalo Quinaz.

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In turn, Inés Simões said that Antonio Bravo “He came with the intention of being very interesting, to bring lightness into the interior, but the house swallowed him whole, and the problem was that he let his energy be completely suffocated by the rest of the house and he couldn't. Overcome it, so that your good behavior and wit are somehow more apparent“.

Therefore, he lost track of what he was doing and his behavior inside the house.“Gonçalo Quinaz was shot.”I do not agree at all with the kind of statements he made to Noelia, and to some of his colleagues, and I think he does it out of spite. I think Antonio is very aware of the things he's saying. He knows very well what to say, to hurt him“, added Inés Simões.

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I have never seen this kind of behavior from Antonio. I think it looks terrible“, admitted Gonzalo Quinaz. See here the video.

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