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Zara Phillips: His "secret" half-sister, Stephanie Phillips, is engaged.

Zara Phillips: His “secret” half-sister, Stephanie Phillips, is engaged.

Stephanie Phillips, daughter of Princess Annie’s first husband, announced the best news on Saturday, May 15: Her boyfriend William Hosier proposed to her!

Congratulations abounded on Stephanie Phillips ’Instagram page. Half sister “Secret” Zara Dindall, daughter of Princess Annie of England, has announced that she is engaged to her longtime boyfriend William Hosier. The 23-year-old parents are Captain Mark Phillips, Princess Anne’s first husband – they divorced in April 1992 – and the latter’s second wife, Hawaii rider Sandy Bifflooker.

The 23-year-old posted the happy announcement on her Instagram page on Saturday, May 15. He released a series of photos of the couple he is creating with his new fiance. The man, who has a degree in agriculture, would have asked for the rule on May 9, to which Stephanie Phillips responded. “Yes” ! In the photos posted on social networks, young girl sports The most beautiful sapphire engagement ring Is surpassed by many diamonds.

Anne welcomed her as her own daughter

Although Not Princess Annie’s biological daughter, The latter took care of Stephanie Phillips, and it joined her. According to the British newspaper The Mirror The young woman lives on the property of Queen Elizabeth II’s daughter, In Gloucestershire. He maintains a very close relationship with his half-sister Zara and his half-brother Peter.

It is unlikely that the love of horses allowed this mixed family to stay United despite divisions. Princess Anne has been interested in horseback riding since a young age, with her daughter Zara Dindall being a professional horse rider. Young Stephanie Phillips did not deviate from the tradition by taking an interest in this sport.

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