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Zara's new boho dress is sold out in almost every country (and you can still buy it) – NiT

Zara's new boho dress is sold out in almost every country (and you can still buy it) – NiT

Zara's new boho dress is sold out in almost every country (and you can still buy it)

From the floral print to the flared sleeves, the romantic presentation will become a bestseller. Some sizes are already sold out.

In recent seasons, floral patterns that we avoided a few years ago have become the trend. With series like “Bridgerton,” an aesthetic began to emerge that favored the romantic simplicity of pieces and prints that referenced the countryside, but also the city — you've surely heard of cottagecore. Think of the wide, fluffy, ultra-modern dresses from the movie “A House on the Prairie,” for example.

Despite still feeling cold, many women are now considering swapping their heavy coats for printed models. After all, spring is only two months away. The brands' new collections have already begun to arrive in stores, and among the many offerings perfect for spring, there is one that has stood out among customers and the international press.

There's no official list of Zara's best-selling clothing items, and Elle magazine's Spanish fashion editors are the first to admit it. However, according to the team of experts, many years have already been spent analyzing the pieces offered for sale through the Inditex chain.

Thus, they have already developed an instinct that allows them to understand which pieces will be successful when each new collection arrives. Among the proposals for spring 2024, they guarantee that there is one dress that is the most beautiful of the year, and the fact that it has already begun to be sold in almost all countries proves this theory. In Portugal, there are also smaller sizes.

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It is now available in only three sizes.

The Spanish brand chose to design a crop top with a boho print. The piece is characterized by its loose fit, but contains belt details in the same fabric that help hide insecurities in this area of ​​​​the body. It features a round neckline with a V-neck opening, and of course the wide, romantic sleeves that end with an unmissable elastic band.

Best of all, it's a versatile offering, which means it allows you to create looks with different types of accessories. You can choose between high boots, cowboy boots, sneakers, canvas shoes, sandals or even high heels. It can be worn simply, in the spring, where it will be the most striking feature of your outfit, but it can also be combined on cooler days, with a coat on top.

The price of the dress is 29.95 euros location From Zara, but is now only available in sizes L, XL and XXL. The rest was sold.

Click through the gallery to see some models of dresses you can buy for €7.99 at Zara.