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Zdrjkowski breaks the silence!  Is this the end of the relationship with Gsiewsk?  "I'm so sorry" :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Zdrjkowski breaks the silence! Is this the end of the relationship with Gsiewsk? “I’m so sorry” :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Is this the end of Adam Zdrjkowski’s relationship? His girlfriend, Victoria Kisievska, was seen in the company of other men after the final of “Takka Z Quiastami”, where she fell into the hands of Zakub Lipovsky. In a conversation with reporters, the actor broke the silence and cleared his doubts about his emotional relationship.

Victoria Jiuska I Adam Zdrjkowski They have been dating for over four years. Though many thought, it only felt”, The couple actually met a while ago. In an interview, the actor revealed it He made an impact on his serial girl selection. Victoria was chosen for the role for an important reason to Adam.

I always liked Victoria, so it did not happen in the “” package. The story is completely different, I will not tell you how Victoria appears in the “family” because it came from me, I always wanted her, we were looking for a girl for me. – Says Pilate.

Wiktoria Gsiewska and Adam Zdrjkowski decided some time ago I’m not going to live together. This is their joint decision. A few weeks later, fans received another “signal” about possible problems in their love affair. Gsiewska went on vacation with her family, but Zdrjkowski is not by her side. At the time, we may assume that Adam’s professional duties were due.

Adam Zdrjkowski breaks the silence: “I’m so sorry”

Unexpectedly, Monday’s final match “Trey with the Stars” will shed new light on their relationship. Victoria Xievska, after watching the fight with Kristov Kullu from the audience, again went after the party without Adam Struzkowski. That is not the only reason Actress Patrick Chebulsky is having fun at the party in his companyThe paparazzi caught her Jacob Lipowski exchanges tribulations with a dancer.

For some time, Victoria and Adam did not appear in public with each other. In addition The actor stops following Gsiewska’s Instagram profile. On the other hand, she still looks at his account. Journalists on the portal Gossip decided to consult Adam Zdrjkowski on reports that they had allegedly split up. The actor’s words left no illusion. Their relationship will probably end.

It seems so. I’m so sorry, that’s all Adam whispered for a while.

So far, Victoria Kisievsky has not mentioned the words of Adam Zdjkovsky.Or not officially confirmed the separation with the boy. Keep in mind that this pair is considered one of the most durable in the Polish show business. Adam and Victoria have been dating each other since 2017 And repeatedly reported their personal lives through social media.

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Is this the end of the relationship between Victoria Xievsky and Adam Sitrzkovsky? After the final “Takka Z Quiastami”, the actress had fun in the company of other men. This sparked a wave of speculation. Gsiewska, with its Instagram reports, only a lot of oil …

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