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ZE PAK and tedrsted want to build the first marine wind farm in Poland

ZE PAK and tedrsted want to build the first marine wind farm in Poland

Jesse Electroni Patnav-Adamov-Konin and Arstet, the world leader in offshore wind power, have signed a letter regarding their joint participation in the auction to set up a wind farm in the Polish region of the Baltic Sea.

After obtaining the approval of the trusted authorities, ZE PAK and tedrsted will establish a joint venture aimed at participating in the auction for sea sites in the Baltic Sea.

Wind energy is one of the pillars of ZE PAK’s strategy for zero emission power generation and I am pleased to have the opportunity to launch a collaboration with ARST. If you are serious about marine wind energy, tedrsted – the world’s No. 1 in this field – is potentially the best partner. Zygmunt Solorz, key partner and chairman of ZE PAK, says that Arst’s possibilities, achievements and experience in producing clean energy are truly impressive and can undoubtedly support the energy transformation of ZE PAK and the entire Polish energy sector.

– Poland has made the right decision to focus on offshore wind energy as the basis for reducing carbon dioxide emissions and transforming the energy system to provide adequate and competitive electricity to companies and households for decades to come. Power plants. By combining local knowledge with global experience, ZE PAK and tedrsted can support Poland on its way from fossil to renewable energy sources, while also creating thousands of local jobs, training employees and training coal sector employees towards green energy – Martin Newbert, Director Sales and Deputy General Manager Rsted adds.

Currently, there are no sea wind farms in Poland. However, as part of the transition to a low-carbon economy in the Polish region of the Baltic Sea, 5.9 gigawatts of sea capacity will be produced by 2030 and 1140 watts by 2040.

– At ZE PAK, we strive to take real steps to address the realities, switch to clean energy production and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Like Arrest, we have the “best” and “first” – we have completed the construction of the largest solar farm in Poland, we will be the first to start producing green hydrogen, we are at the forefront of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and most importantly – we are the first in Poland to move away from coal. Piotr Woźny, chairman of ZE PAK’s board of management, says seawater energy will be a key component in transforming ZE PAK into a clean and green energy producer.

Poland is a strategically important market for Porsted. We hope to further expand our reserves and investments to help Poland acquire more of the clean energy resources available in the Baltic Sea. We are pleased to partner with ZE PAK, which has embarked on an ambitious green transition and a strategy to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy to help achieve Polish carbon dioxide emissions reduction goals, ”said Rosmus Erbo, Vice President, Continental Europe.

Tedrsted currently has a total installed capacity of 12 GW of renewable capacity, of which 7.6 GW is installed in 28 offshore wind farms. The company developed the world’s first marine wind farm in 1991, and today builds, builds, owns and operates GW wind farms in Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America.

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