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Zee Manel denounces 'persecution and harassment' of woman over 40: 'He was at my door today'

Zee Manel denounces ‘persecution and harassment’ of woman over 40: ‘He was at my door today’

This Thursday, June 30, like manilthe former lead singer of the Fingertips and musician, turned to him Stories for you Instagram page To reveal that he was harassed and harassed by a woman for about three years.

Was my life a movie? Yes sometimes! I met this creature in my first vocal tech workshop that I gave at Act – Escola de Atores. After finishing, I wanted to continue tutoring, something I quickly realized was not possible, and was clearly an obvious mental disorder. The rambling speech, the pointless crying, and the baskets of champagne and strawberry bottles I had brought into class were enough signs for me to refuse to give them. I had to ask the school not to accept his enrollment in any of my training and to reveal the inappropriate emails he was constantly sending me”counting.

“I have never received any kind of treatment different from the treatment I would give any student or trainee, and they have a friendly, close but professional relationship with all of them, without exception. From 5 to 58 years old”confirmed.

Although Zé Manel has blocked the person in question from social networks and contacts, this “Don’t be shy about filling your SPAM box with messages completely detached from reality”. you sent “Several birthday presents at my address, which I insisted on returning”he added.

He watches my concert on the sly and sends me the videos in an apparent quest, imposing his presence and harassing him. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s been about two hours today, constantly ringing at my doorafter disturbing my neighbours, and accompanying a basket with a bottle of something as if it were nothing”exposed.

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“I have been sick for two days, and as such, I come to the family home, and it is the person who lives with me who has pushed her away from the door and told me what happened. This lady, who is over 40, since she sent me nude videos When I was collecting material for the Real People video, It bothers me in my house, it has already crossed all limitsHe said.

“Hopeless to imagine that some have already lost their minds for being victims of this kind of persecution and even got into complicated situations due to their reaction to something they did nothing to achieve. They crossed paths with the wrong person. If a man does this to a woman, Carmo and Trindade will fall. But what about the opposite? If he calls the police, he will probably continue to play the arrogant role and wipe the girl’s tears away. Apparently, if I were at home and opened the door for her, my desire would be to send her down the stairs, and that is the lack of awareness, persistence, and abuse of these unwanted communications by someone I had the misfortune of teaching. Training course”is done.

Finally, the musician revealed one of the emails and one of the personal files of the person in question.