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″ I am glad the referee did not think… ″

″ I am glad the referee did not think… ″



Remarks by Sergio Conceicao, coach of FC Porto, after the 1-0 victory over F.C. Guimarães, Saturday, in a match referring to the 17th round of the Buen League.

Game analysis: “It’s a historically difficult game for everyone who comes here. Vitoria always have competitive teams, the atmosphere on the pitch is difficult. We should have been more effective attacking, if we had identified better in the chances we had. We could have scored goals. Second goal on The least. Then there’s the dead ball, a confusing move that can cause disappointment. We set it up, controlled the game, but Vitória didn’t hit any shots in the frame. It was a competent game, sometimes with moments we didn’t want, because we didn’t do a good job in Meta Zone. Thanks for the spirit, very positive attitude. Sometimes you don’t win an artistic note, that’s what happens.”

Angered by Tony Martinez in the 40th minute and Pepe was about to appear: “It’s about the little details that jump out at me. I usually ask players. These are things that happen in the game, it’s the moment. I feel bad. I’m glad the referee didn’t think that for. If not, he’s been shown yellow cards. It’s the way I live It has the game. Gestures, talking a lot with the players. It’s part of my personality.”

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