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23-year-old suspected of murdering a doppelganger

A 23-year-old Iraqi-German woman was due to meet her estranged husband in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, on Tuesday evening. When her parents heard nothing from their daughter after the meeting, they themselves traveled to Ingolstadt to find her, he writes. picture.

In the parking lot they found their daughter’s Mercedes car.

The family cried out in despair when they saw the woman at the massacre in the back seat. Witnesses heard the screaming and so called 911.

The police broke into the car. Shortly thereafter, paramedics determined she was dead.

An autopsy concluded that she died of approximately 40 stab wounds.

While the family mourned the loss of their daughter, the police investigated the case further and started it Looking for an ex-husband.

At the same time, the coroner believed that the family was mistaken – it was not their daughter.

Late Wednesday evening, a shocking development occurred: the police then arrested the same woman who was initially believed to have been murdered.

The 23-year-old German-Iraqi woman was arrested at 9:55 pm. A few hours later, her estranged husband, a 23-year-old from Kosovo, was arrested.

They are now suspected of killing a woman’s vulnerability.

in press release German police say the dead man was also a 23-year-old woman, but she was from another federal state.

“She looked strikingly similar to the 23-year-old who has now been arrested,” police said.

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