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A naked man runs frantically on a plane in Australia

A naked man runs frantically on a plane in Australia

An Australian man has been arrested after causing chaos on a Virgin Australia flight.

The man reportedly ran naked down the aisle, pushing a cabin crew member to the ground and forcing the plane to turn around. AP news agency.

The incident occurred on a flight from Perth to Melbourne on Monday evening. The flight had to return to Perth Airport due to an “annoying passenger,” Virgin Australia wrote in a statement.

Police officers arrested a man after he ran naked across the plane mid-flight and pushed a crew member to the ground, police said in a statement. The man was taken to hospital, where his condition remains to be evaluated.

It was not clear how or where the passenger took off her clothes on the plane. Police expect the man to appear before a Perth court on June 14. The charges he will face have not yet been finalized.

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