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Current weather forecast for the competition in Monaco

Current weather forecast for the competition in Monaco

( – Every Formula 1 race weekend in 2022 has some very important questions. Namely: What is a weather forecast? Are wet roads expected at the site? Do you need intermediate or shower tires? Or are the constantly dry, dry tires enough from training to qualifying for the race? In a nutshell: What should drivers around Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher, Max Verstappen and Louis Hamilton be prepared for?

The seventh race of the 2022 Formula 1 season will take place in Monaco

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To answer these questions, a few days before the start of trials or race weekends, our teachers carefully monitor the weather in Formula 1 locations. As the event progresses, this preview article will be updated with new information on weekends, such as temperature in degrees Celsius, wind speed, cloudy and expected rainfall.

The result is as accurate a weather forecast as possible for the respective Grand Prix of the 2022 Formula 1 season. However, all information is subject to change and, after all, few motorsport locations are known, such as Spa-Francorschamps or Nurberking. There is particularly changeable weather, which can not always be accurately predicted. Unexplained rain is also possible.

For the seventh race of the 2022 Formula 1 season, Monaco will next travel on the Formula 1 track in Barcelona on 27-29 May 2022. (See the full 2022 Formula 1 calendar here!)

Current forecast for the seventh race of the season in Monaco (May 27-29):

After the Cold War in Barcelona, ​​Formula 1 goes to Monte Carlo, where the most valuable but most challenging race of the 2022 season, the Monaco Grand Prix, takes place.

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Even in perfect outdoor conditions, this race is a struggle for survival for drivers. Every little braking, every minimal deviation from the ideal line and every oversteer, no matter how small, is punished with wall contact. When it rains, it shows who is the best driver in the world.

Saturday Terms Very similar to Friday. Again the sun shines throughout the day and again the direction of the wind is constantly changing. This time the temperature will reach 27 degrees Celsius, but for drivers it will not really make a difference. At 15km / h the wind speed will be slightly lower than on Friday.

The rain is coming

Competition Sunday It will be a very difficult day for the teams in terms of weather. The sun sets behind a dense layer of clouds. 25 percent chance of light rain in the morning.

During the race it will rise slightly to 34 percent, but it should only be drizzle. So if it rains it will not really get wet, but may be wet enough to wear intermediates.

On Sunday, conditions will worsen with winds coming from the southwest and reaching a maximum of 46 kmph. For riders, this is mainly the tail breeze as they head up the hill towards the casino after Saint Devotee and the headwind as they exit the tunnel.

The Grand Prix does not take place under ideal conditions because there is always a chance of rain. So while waiting for the toughest race for drivers, fans can look forward to the exciting Monaco Grand Prix.

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u # Note: # u This forecast will be updated several times throughout the week!

First forecast for the following races in Baguio (06/12/2022):

Before the roundabout after the street roundabout. Two weeks after the completion of the Monaco Grand Prix, the Formula 1 crash in Azerbaijan looks forward to the next race between obstacles. But the weather in the capital Baku is traditionally very hot and sunny in mid-June. Temperatures of 24 to 28 degrees Celsius are expected. The average chance of rain during the four rainy days in June is very low, with an average wind speed of 15 km / h.

Other dates in the 2022 Formula 1 calendar:
2022-06-12: Baku (Azerbaijan), 8th bet of the season
19.06.2022: Montreal (Canada), 9. Saisenrenen
July 3, 2022: Silverstone (Great Britain), 10th bet of the season
July 10, 2022: Spielberg (Austria), 11th bet of the season
July 24, 2022: Le Castellet (France), 12th bet of the season
2022-07-31: Budapest (Hungary), 13th bet of the season
August 28, 2022: Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium), 14th bet of the season
September 4, 2022: Zandvoort (Netherlands), 15th bet of the season
September 11, 2022: Monza (Italy), 16th bet of the season
09/25/2022: Still open, the 17th bet of the season
2022-10-02: Singapore (Singapore), 18th bet of the season
09.10.2022: Suzuki (Japan), 19. Saisenrenen
October 23, 2022: Austin (USA), 20th bet of the season
2022-10-30: Mexico City (Mexico), 21st bet of the season
November 13, 2022: Sao Paulo (Brazil), 22nd race of the season
2022-11-20: Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), 23rd race of the season

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