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ESC 2022: Sam Ryder is second in Great Britain

ESC 2022: Sam Ryder is second in Great Britain

With Sam Ryder, Great Britain (UK) 2022 sent one of the most famous artists to ESC2022 in Turin. Second on the UK’s first stage after Jessica Carlick in 2002.

When musicians were no longer allowed to perform at the beginning of the corona epidemic, Sam Ryder took advantage of that moment to release cover versions of Louis Cabaldi, Rihanna or Hosier on the Internet. In addition to his extraordinary voice, his positive charisma and his speech were particularly striking. Sam Ryder has more than twelve million followers on the Tic Tac Toe video portal alone. In 2020, he will be the most successful artist from Great Britain on stage – ahead of Dua Liba and Liam Payne. In total, the 32-year-old has more than 16 million subscribers to his social media channels. International stars like Justin Bieber, Alicia Keys and Elton John are also among his fans and have shared his videos.

Video: Great Britain – Sam Ryder · “Space Man” | Final (3 min)

Sam Ryder grew up in Essex

Sam Ryder Robinson was born on June 25, 1989 in Malton, Essex. In 2009 he began working as a singer and guitarist. For many years he played and sang in various bands such as Blessed With a Broken Heart or Close Your Eyes. Sam Ryder has lived in Hawaii for some time; He also runs a coffee shop – until he finally decides on a solo career – with success.

Top in the rankings with “Whirlwind” and “Tiny Riots”

After his advancement on the internet, the recording companies also came to know about the high-pitched and attractive singer. He signed a contract with Barlophone Records Limited. In early 2021, he released his first single, “Whirlwind”, which topped the global iTunes charts. His second release, “Tiny Riots”, was less successful. In his first solo year, Ryder topped 16 million streams on Spotify. In addition, he holds concerts in front of 43,000 music fans.

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The BBC recommends Sam Ryder locally

The British BBC has long blocked plans for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Finally, the tape, along with the music agency, made the internal selection: the decision falls on Sam Ryder. This confirms the rumors that spread before the candidature attack. The singer was delighted: “I’m been a fan of the competition since I was a child. London.

Additional information

Great Britain (UK) singer Sam Ryder with Conci.  Photo: Gallery

5 min

Our song checkers are shivering. Vanity Trash takes out its trophy and Marcel Stopper can still love “Space Man”. 5 minutes

Looking back at the selection process, it took several months to find the right artist, said Ben Mawson, co-founder of Tape Music. They would not have made the decision easy. Then he chose Sam Ryder because he has an extraordinary voice and a wonderful song with many references to classical British musical influences.

“Space Man”: Homage to a Mercury and Bowie

The song is titled “Space Man” by Sam Ryder. It was co-created with Ed Sheeran and lyricist Amy Wadge, who wrote “Thinking Out Loud”. Sam Ryder told the dpa about the “astronaut”: “I pay homage to my heroes: Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Elton John. Although it’s not a hard rock song, there are elements that pay homage to the genre. “

Sam Ryder completes Great Britain’s long ESC recession

Sam Ryder was the British candidate for the May 14 ESC final in Turin. There he delivered a flawless performance, winning the referendum vote and trailing Kalush Band Second. As for Britain, the result was great success. It is the first big 5 country In 2009 Jade Ewen could not even celebrate the top ten as she finished fifth. The last stage was even 20 years ago. In 2002, Jessica Carlick finished third in Tallinn with a “Come Back”.

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