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F1 will see 23 Las Vegas circuits before the track’s debut in the real world

The F1 23 trailer offers the first (virtual) look at the Las Vegas circuit

Image: EA/Disclosure

On Wednesday (23), EA released a new trailer for F123the official game of the Formula 1 World Championship, featuring the Las Vegas circuit for the first time.

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Watch the F1 23 trailer:

The new urban track, the Las Vegas Strip Circuit, will be available in the racing simulator even before it debuts in the real F1 championship, with the game arriving in June, while North American testing is scheduled for November.

Our team has designed an amazing virtual recreation of one of the most interesting and impressive cities in the world. The size and density of buildings in Las Vegas posed an exhilarating challenge for the team, along with the vibrancy and energy of the strip that lit up for Saturday night’s racing. It took over 1,900 cumulative days of development to deliver this level of authenticity.Mather, Senior Creative Director at Codemasters, told me.

The studio built the Las Vegas Strip Circuit from scratch using thousands of reference photos and large photogrammetry data.

The design features three straight lines, a sequence of high-speed corners and a single break section. Drivers will zip through this 6.12-kilometre loop at speeds of up to 341 kilometers per hour as cars speed down the famous Las Vegas Strip, which is lined with world-famous casinos and hotels.

Las Vegas-themed items, including paint, a helmet, gloves, and hats, are part of the racing game’s pre-order bonuses.

F1 23 arrives on June 16th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: GameOn

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