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Frank Locke, Helen Otterhals |  Frank Luke reveals that he broke up with his girlfriend

Frank Locke, Helen Otterhals | Frank Luke reveals that he broke up with his girlfriend

In a letter to Nettavisen, Frank Luc reveals that he and Helen Otterhals have decided to call it quits.

-Helen and I stayed together on this trip. Her support was crucial. We have decided that we will continue not as lovers, but as good friends. Without there being any drama about it.

The couple stayed together when Luke climbed Mount Everest for the second time. In fact, he was supposed to climb the highest mountain in the world without an oxygen supply. After a clarion call from the Sherpa and his eldest daughter Ada, he nevertheless decided to put on an oxygen mask for the final stage.

Previously, Løke told Nettavisen that he and Otterhals have been very close to each other since they started their journey. They saw each other at their best and at their worst.

– I think that showering every 14 days and defecating in the tent is not suitable for everyone, said Luke when Netavisyn asked for a comment on the breakup.

Nettavisen was in contact with Helen Oterhals. She doesn't want to comment on the breakup.

Løke is now in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, where he has checked into a hotel to relax after the trip.

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-I'm in very good shape after the trip. We landed in Kathmandu. We relaxed and ate good food.

Even though he had just come down from the highest mountain in the world, he had no plans to lie on the lazy side.

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-We just trained. We've done some running and strength training, so now we're having a good time.

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Løke has been in touch with the family and can reveal that they are very proud of him. Now he looks forward to seeing his daughters again.

-I spoke to the family who are very proud of me. I talked a lot with my kids and I can't wait to see them again. I also talked to my brother. I think I'll talk to my dad tonight.