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Funny and interesting things you can do in open-world games


Open-world games are more than a few these days. They have become pretty much their own thing and the biggest franchises are either adapting their gameplay to make them more open-world or just going all in.

When you think about pioneers in this type of game, Grand Theft Auto comes to mind, but in reality, open-world games are way older than that. Actually, rudimentary RPGS are from the 16-bit era and even 8-bit. Games like the Legend of Zelda, Phantasy Star and Final Fantasy games offered the freedom gamers accustomed to role playing board games were lacking in video games. Fortunately, these classics are still around and can be played in many platforms such as virtual consoles and the latest mobile phones such as Android and the upcoming iPhone 14.

While these were open-world, the term didn’t catch up until Grand Theft Auto did their shocking appearance back in 1997. It was very different back then, but with a lot of shock value non the less.

It wasn’t until 2001, when GTA III came out that changed everything in the game, technically and in gameplay. They made a genre out of themselves and, as in every industry, some will lead and others will follow.

Now, with that brief introduction under our belt, we will discuss some of the funniest and more interesting things you can do in open-world games.

GTA Online

GTA Online is the multiplayer of Grand Theft Auto. You can play online to hang out with friends, do missions, and even roleplay in GTA Online. What does roleplay mean in an open-world game? It means that you find a job and stick to it. Say taxi driver, ambulance driver, etc.

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These types of things add depth, believe it or not, to an almost ten years old game. Besides role playing, the game has its own currency, which you can either get by doing jobs within the game world or buy with real life money and spend on cars, goods, and even spend in casinos similar to what you would do in an Online casino that you play from your browser or phone. The difference is that in online casinos, of course, you can get some of the best online casino bonus prizes in real money that you can then move to your real life account as you would in a land casino. You can play the most popular games as well such as blackjack, baccarat, slot machines and roulette and pay with your credit card or with a wire transfer.

Red Dead Redemption 2

For those who find Grand Theft Auto to be over the top, there’s a slower paced, but still intense adventure. Red Dead Redemption 2 takes open-world games to the next level.

You can do anything, from hunting (in this game is a very detailed process) to playing games at a Saloon.

If you got tired of shooting bandits, or being a bandit, yourself, you can play a nice game of dominoes with your friends at the camp. This is relaxing and the game engine is extremely detailed. It’s a game in itself.

You can as well turn your horse on fire, inexplicably. It is believed to be a bug, and there’s a certain point in the map where you can ride your poor equine which will literally set on fire out of nowhere and just collapse. Also, if you are accompanied by your gang their horses will burn too. Disclaimer: No real horses were harmed during the writing of this article.

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Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row is considered to be the direct competitor to GTA (or it was before going downhill in quality).

The Third installment of the game is considered the be the best one in the series and they offer crazy things to do as well. One remarkable thing you can do is make people dance… with a Dubstep gun. Putting it in context, dubstep was a big thing when the game came out. It was all over the place, so it was a valid choice to make at the time the game was released. Had it been released today the game might have a Trap gun (hopefully no one will take this as advice).

You could literally aim at pedestrians and make them dance. The music would change according to your clothing. This is another of the many hilarious things included with the game.


While open-world games do not lack of content, developers always go the extra mile and add these interesting things for us to do while roaming through the rich world created by them. You can either do these tasks for relaxing or even if you just look for some instant action. The truth is these games are a great bang for your buck in the end.