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Generative AI simplifies creating ad campaigns on Google Search – Business

According to Google, the advertising industry is undergoing a transformation through artificial intelligence, similar to what happened in 2013, when the switch was made to mobile equipment. a Artificial intelligence helps the company manage Google ads, indicating that it has silently supported advertisers, improving their time and return on investment, and contributing to the growth of companies of all sizes..

Google today revealed direct marketing news regarding developments delivered through generative artificial intelligence. This is intended to be an essential marketing tool, seeking to aid decision-making and problem-solving and enable participant creativity..

With the new natural language conversational experience in Google Ads, the company aims to streamline the search ad creation process. a Google says simply add the preferred landing page from the company’s website and the AI ​​will summarize the page, generating keywords, titles, descriptions, images, and other relevant resources for the ad campaign.. In the end, the user can review and edit the suggestions before deciding to implement.

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And if ideas are lacking, Google AI can help, just talk to it, just as if you were exchanging impressions with a co-worker. a The search ad creation system will also be automatically optimized by generative AI, which promises more efficiency based on the search context.. The goal is to make headlines more attractive to users, and to make advertising more relevant while staying true to your brand.

The Performance Max offering helps brands stand out among their customers through different formats. Google says that advertisers who use this method get on average 18% more conversions at a similar cost per action. a The introduction of artificial intelligence into this offering will allow campaigns to be scaled within a few clicks, while also creating customized resources. Users just have to point to the website and Google AI starts to learn more about the brand and help populate campaigns with text, images and other relevant resources.. The system can also suggest new images that are generated just for the advertiser. The feature can also be accessed through a Google Ads conversation experience.

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What Google calls a new generative search experience is available through Search Labs. Ads will appear above and below the new experience. a In the coming months, the technology expects to integrate search and shopping ads that are integrated directly into the AI-powered snapshot and via conversation mode. It provides an example of how searches can be condensed into personalized and tailored advertisements to Internet users.

Google says that despite the paradigm shift in AI-generated ads, it will never forget its commitment to transparency. You Ads will be labeled “Sponsored” in bold text to distinguish them from organic searches. Privacy is another point that Google addresses as a priorityincluding deleting third-party cookies from Chrome next year and the new Privacy Sandbox user options that will be rolling out to Android smartphones.

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In Google’s data, the number of companies using Merchant Center has doubled in the past two years, and they therefore intend to make it more useful. a Merchant Center Next is a simplified version of this platform that aims to make it easier for small businesses to find more customers online and expand their offering..

For this, there is more A simplified version of your product feed, auto-populating elements such as prices, images, and descriptions, something that was done manually. On the part of the dealers, it will be possible to modify the illuminations or disable the function. The updates are intended to make it easier to display products in Google searches.

Performance reports will be collected in one place, in a dedicated tab. to Businesses can quickly see which products are selling best, which businesses appear next to them, and how customers are interacting with their local businesses in Search and Maps.. Merchant Center Next will show merchants with physical and online stores all products in one comprehensive view, making it easy to manage inventory all together.

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The platform has already started rolling out to new users. to Small businesses will gain access to the resource in the coming months, with global availability expected in 2024.

The AI-powered Product Studio will help companies create unique visuals for their products. For example, Scene Generation uses script to generate images through an AI model to create lifestyle situations, reducing costs and the need for product photo sessions. a Removing background from images is another option available, in addition to increasing the resolution, with AI adding the necessary pixels to ensure no loss of quality in the conversion.. For now, this feature will only arrive at the end of the year in the US.