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Golden Globes jury banned from accepting gifts and travel - News

Golden Globes jury banned from accepting gifts and travel – News

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) is trying to restructure in the face of widespread criticism of diversity and transparency.

The exclusive group, made up of about 80 film journalists, has been accused of using the prestige associated with being nominated or winning a Golden Globe to gain privileged access and privileged access to the stars of the American film industry.

Under the new “gifts, travel, and conflict of interest policies,” HFPA members “cannot accept promotional materials or other gifts from studios, advertisers, actors, directors, or other persons associated with films and television programmes.”

“The Association of Foreign Journalists remains dedicated to the transformational change it outlined in the reform plan and timetable for May,” the group said in a statement to AFP. “Yesterday, the organization put in place new major measures to advance reform.”

Among the reforms mentioned, the organization established a complaints hotline (which will be investigated by an independent group), approved a new code of conduct and hired Diversity, Equality and Inclusion advisors.

The Golden Globes are considered one of the most important Hollywood awards, but their future has come into question. A letter signed by more than 100 industry professionals called on the HFPA in March to end “discriminatory behaviour, a lack of professionalism and ethics, and alleged financial corruption.” These issues added to earlier criticisms of the Time’s Up movement for gender equality.

Celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffalo found the reforms promoted by Golden Globe organizers slow and inadequate, while Tom Cruise returned his three awards in protest. Powerful studios such as Warner Bros, Netflix and Amazon have announced that they will not work with the HFPA until more significant changes are made.

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In May, NBC canceled its broadcast of next year’s concert. Last month, two members resigned in protest of the association’s “toxic environment”.

“We will continue to update the industry on the progress we have made as we vote on new bylaws that will create an inclusive, diverse, and accountable organization that our members, stakeholders, and partners will be proud of,” the Hollywood Association of Foreign Journalists noted.