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Horizon Forbidden West: Aloy saves the world for the second time

Horizon Forbidden West: Aloy saves the world for the second time

But at the beginning of “Horizon Fobidden West” it becomes clear: GAIA is apparently damaged: the weather is going crazy and a poisonous weed is growing all the other plants. Crops are at risk of scorching famine.

Alloy: “Zero Dawn” star

Like Zero Dawn, we regain control of the young hunter Aloy from the Nora tribe. A young woman with long, flowing red hair is a specialty: as a child, she invented a device connected to GAIA while scrambling through old ruins. Through a device called “Focus” she can see things that are hidden from those around her. In the first part, she prevents the destruction plan from being reactivated and the earth being reset to zero.

Fame as “Savior of the Meridian”

Now, in Part 2, his reputation as the “Savior of the Meridian” is everywhere before him. She now needs to fix the teraforming AI. To do this, he searches for a backup of terraforming AI in ancient ruins from the 21st century.

Adjust the software and hunt the machine beasts

Alloy is a machine hunter. With a bow and arrow and a special data stick, she deactivates dangerous mechanical animals. She thus uses the stolen machine parts to upgrade her weapons.

It is this clash of stone age and future technology that makes the “Horizon Phoenician West” so special: on the one hand, dangerous machines that look like animals and act like them: from blows to hippos. On the other hand, it is small but agile compared to machines – it will continue to attack and tear parts of machines with bows and arrows and special sticks until the machine collapses.

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Strategies when hunting against the most powerful enemies

The various ways of chasing machines alone – from ambushing them to unleashing surprise attacks – make “Horizon Forbidden West” very different and strategic. However, sometimes, one would like that fights are not so equal. It is not uncommon for the alloy to pull short straws in 20 or 30 attempts, especially when hunting big boss enemies. But the storage points are reasonably set, so the hunt can begin again.