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How Lenka’s dress in “The Right Price” became the most talked about topic in the country

How Lenka’s ‘Right Price’ dress became the most talked about topic in the country

Journalist Fernanda Cancio considered the choice “disgusting” and her tweet had already gone viral.

The dress that generated strife.

In the broadcast of “O Price Certo” broadcast by RTP at the end of the afternoon on Monday, June 28, Lenka da Silva, Fernando Mendes’ famous assistant for over 18 years, wore a short satin dress that in a few hours became one of the most talked about topics About her on Twitter in Portugal.

The debate that sparked controversy went viral after journalist Fernanda Cancio, ex-girlfriend of Jose Socrates, wrote on her account. Twitter: “It is amazing how public television continues to use women as props in such a disgusting way. Are there no obligations to meet the minimum in terms of respect for constitutional principles and equality plans?”

Reaction to the journalist’s comment multiplied rapidly. On the other hand, if there were those who agreed with her point of view and considered the choice of appearance to be “sexual”, on the other hand, those who accused her of being “envious” or who objected that individual freedom passes through each one. Be able to choose what to wear.

“Linca da Silva plays her part and it is presenting the awards. She is 46 years old, a beautiful and uncomplicated woman. I don’t understand the reason for the criticism. One day she defends the right of a woman to walk in the street as she pleases, without being harassed, another day, do you impose Censorship of Lenka’s clothes?

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Among the various criticisms made by Fernanda Cancio, a moment stood out when Lenca, Fernando Mendes and Teresa Medeiros, another assistant, did a choreography while the presenter asked the women to “raise their little leg more”. “sEffect, to encourage people to exercise by raising the legs well. Everything for health, RTP, Very well, ”the journalist commented sarcastically.

In the midst of many opinions, there were also those who considered this “no matter”. “Linka can’t walk like she wants? She’s been doing the show for years, it’s part of the show’s ethos. Which, by the way, drives the crowds. She should be grateful for the professionalism and friendliness she’s always shown. And look, she won everyone’s affection. Everyone,” wrote a user Post on Twitter.

RTP journalist Rita Maarif de Carvalho took the opportunity to defend Lenca and face accusations of sexism, noting the presence of a male assistant on the programme.. “Lenka wears whatever she wants and whatever she wants and whatever she wants. There’s also a man. Mario! There are three assistants. Lenka has been working at Price Right for years! From the beginning. Take him out now. Why? He’s 46 years old.”