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It is still possible with a diplomatic solution

It is still possible with a diplomatic solution

Jens Stoltenberg says it may be appropriate to send reinforcements to “the southeastern part of the alliance”.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

NATO will send a written proposal to the Kremlin later this week to “try to find a way forward”. This was stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg CNN Tuesday.

NATO establishes its willingness to discuss a number of topics related to European security.

“We will also listen to Russia’s concerns,” he said.

NATO member states put their forces on standby. They also sent ships and fighter planes to Eastern Europe. This is due to growing fears of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Stoltenberg says there is still a “diplomatic way out” of the crisis. It is asking Russia to reduce its activity. They must demonstrate a willingness to hold talks of confidence with NATO.

He says it might be appropriate to send reinforcements to “the southeastern part of the alliance”. It will be similar to those already deployed in the Baltic states and Poland.

According to Stoltenberg, strong deterrence is the best way to prevent attack and conflict.

NATO will not send combat troops to Ukraine

The Kremlin denies it is planning an attack on Ukraine. They claim that NATO’s support for Ukraine poses a growing threat to Russia’s western flank.

“NATO will not send combat troops to Ukraine,” Stoltenberg said. At the same time, he stressed NATO’s commitment to the defense of allies, especially in the eastern part of the alliance. Therefore, NATO has strengthened its presence in the Black Sea and the Baltic states.

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Talks between the West and Russia Earlier this month it did not lead to any breakthrough. The United States and NATO allies had hoped to help the Russians step aside and open up to diplomacy.

But the Russians were angry at the refusal of the United States and NATO to discuss their demands. Among the demands was a ban on Ukraine’s membership in NATO. Russia is also demanding that NATO withdraw its expansion in Eastern Europe. The allegations were rejected.

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