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LastPass segurança dados utilizadores passwords

LastPass security compromised and user data exposed

LastPass is one of the most popular and widely used password managers on the Internet. Even with some significant changes made, it was still a safe proposition that was used by many on a daily basis.

The service is now under fire again, with another serious security issue. This is the second time in a short period of time, and once again attackers have accessed user data.

Another security flaw in LastPass

It was in August that LastPass had serious security issues. A simple attack gave access to the company's servers, where it is believed that important company information was stolen. At that time, it was clear that there was no user data theft.

Now, months later, it's clear that more happened in that attack. LastPass has been attacked again and this time it is known that user data was exposed. company open It detected "unusual activity" on a third-party cloud storage service, but existing passwords remain encrypted and secure.

The attackers are known to have used the information obtained in August to gain access to "certain items" of customer information. LastPass immediately launched an investigation, after it hired security firm Mandiant and authorities were also alerted.

LastPass security data user passwords

User data exposed, no passwords

The Company is working extensively to understand the scope of this incident and determine the specific information that was accessed. You also warrant that while this assessment is being conducted, LastPass products and services will continue to function without restriction.

However, LastPass recommends its users to follow the best installation and configuration practices. It includes different measuresincluding configuring two-factor authentication to access this platform's services.

The now disclosed case does not leave LastPass with a positive image. It is a case of a security problem that occurs in a short period of time. Although passwords are not disclosed and accessed, there is a possibility of sensitive data being accessed and exploited.

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