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Lightyear 0 continues to break records and becomes the world's most aerodynamic car... powered by solar energy

Lightyear 0 continues to break records and becomes the world’s most aerodynamic car… powered by solar energy

Lightyear 0 does not fail to surprise: in tests conducted in Germany under conditions of homologation of the WLTP cycle, the electric car, which can also be powered by solar energy, scored 0.175, the lowest among all cars produced in history. But this is not the absolute record.

Lightyear confirmed that the result is surprising even for engineers who had expected a value of about 0.19. Argo van der Ham, Technical Director of the company, admitted: “We are very proud of this result. We started from scratch when we started studying the car and its technology. We put a lot of effort into it.”

The Lightyear 0 beat the previous record set by the 1996 GM EV1, which came in at 0.19. For example, two of the most aerodynamic cars on sale today are the Mercedes EQS and Tesla Model S, which claim values ​​of 0.20 and 0.208 respectively.

However, if we also consider concept cars, the Lightyear 0 isn’t the most aerodynamic car – the Mercedes Vision EQXX, unveiled this year, scored 0.17, while the JCB Dieselmax, a prototype built to set a world record, scored 0.17. Speed ​​in the class of diesel cars, its coefficient was 0.147.

Produced 946 models of an electric saloon were more than 5 meters long and capable of covering almost 625 kilometers in the WLTP cycle thanks to its 60 kWh battery, 170 hp electric motor and solar power which, according to the Dutch manufacturer, could Travel up to 70 kilometers per day.

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With a base price of 250-300 thousand euros, this model is clearly not affordable for all budgets. However, after 0, Lightyear is already working on a more affordable entry model, with a list price of about 30 thousand euros and scheduled for launch in 2026.