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MotoGP 22 arrives today on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S and more!

Milestone and Dorna Sports SL are proud to announce that MotoGP 22, the latest chapter in the popular two-wheeled racing simulation game, is now available for For PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

Moto GB 22 The legacy of the video game and sports franchise itself enriches itself by adding a unique game mode. The Nine season 2009 It’s a great way to relive one of the most incredible seasons in MotoGP history. A nostalgic and emotional film narrated by Mark Neal, director of some of the best documentaries in MotoGP, with over 50 minutes of original footage from the 2009 season blended with authentic gameplay, creating a fully immersive engine simulation experience.

Players will find themselves in the shoes of legendary riders such as Rossi, Pedrosa, Stoner and Lorenzo, and face various amazing challenges to repeat historical moments.

Season 9 2009 It repeats all 17 of the season’s Grand Prix, divided into chapters with over 39 challenges in total.

The 2022 edition also adds new custom features for both newcomers and key players: tutorial improve and MotoGP Academy. Thanks to these two specially designed modes, players have the opportunity to perfect their knowledge of two wheels or learn the basics to start their ascent to the professional level.

The tutorial It features a series of dedicated gameplay sessions, helping newcomers understand the basics of the game through specific challenges that focus on electronics, tire consumption, brake temperature, and key differences between the three main classes.

The MotoGP Academy It teaches you to improve your driving style to be unbeatable on all tracks, discover secrets to face all curves and toughest tracks.

In addition, the Ride Analysis System Contestants are assisted by in-game pop-up messages that appear at the end of the race that indicate how to adjust the difficulty level based on skills and performance. The game may recommend activating certain utilities or suggest playing specific tutorials designed to fill in the gaps in terms of gameplay knowledge and situations.

management profession It returns and lets players decide whether to create a new team or join a real one. The game mode also offers the possibility to delve into the details of the strategy, using development points and assigning the R&D team to get to the top along with working on the development of motorcycles through improved aspects such as the engine, frame, aerodynamics and electronics. The path can start from the bottom, creating a file Junior Team In the Moto2 or Moto3 categories, select a sponsor and hire a Team Manager, Technical Director and at least one rider.

MotoGP 22 achieves a realistic motorcycle like never seen before

A true next-generation experience that blurs the lines between video games and reality:

  1. Unprecedented level of realism: New face animations, improved 3D characters and wells;
  2. ride height device: Players will be able to manually manage the RHD locking mechanism and control the pressure of the motorcycle’s suspension systems;
  3. Enhanced paths: Surfaces have been optimized for better rideability;
  4. Improved suspension system: polished for a better feel when skipping sidewalks;
  5. tire deformation: More realistic tire behavior, brings the experience closer to reality.

For the first time in the series, MotoGP 22 presents the long-awaited car split screen Local 2 and online multiplayer and cross-play across consoles of the same family.

MotoGP 22 is now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

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