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Oliver Bocher causes stress - excitement at the RDL look

Oliver Bocher causes stress – excitement at the RDL look

Of course, Oliver Pocher has crossed his fingers for his wife Amira in “Let’s Dance”.Image: dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd

25.02.2022, 23:4625.02.2022, 23:58

On Friday, “Let’s Dance” is in full swing, because after the inaugural event, a candidate may be selected from the show for the first time this season. Amira Pocher, who competes with Massimo Sinado, smiled well, however, and was safe as she initially received the desirable wild card.

However, she can count on her husband Oliver’s moral support and even live on the site: He was not in the studio the previous week and this time he did not miss the scene. However, he immediately caused a stir.

“Let’s Dance”: Oliver Bocher did not wear his mask properly

A few minutes later, Poacher appeared in “Let’s Dance” for the first time in the audience. Many onlookers noticed directly: he was wearing his FFP2 mask under his nose. The jury was mainly critical of the fact that star candidate Hardy Krooger Jr. has to pass after a positive test this week, as Joachim Lamb has a corona infection.

Hence the accusation of the fans: due to Poacher’s negligence, the virus could have spread in the studio and those involved could have been affected. “Can Bocher wear his mask properly?” For example, the outraged Twitter comment.

Apparently, this fan was not surprised by Pocher’s masked mistakes – the comedian recently attended the Super Bowl in Los Angeles and celebrated with thousands at the stadium … even completely without a mask.

Another user noticed that RTL disappeared immediately when Bocher was in the picture. Perhaps the broadcaster did not want to draw more attention to the matter.

Sudden improvement in poacher

However, the truth is: When the 44-year-old showed him back later, his mask was just right. Did he get a warning or at least a friendly note from the product in the meantime? At least it can’t be ruled out for now.

During Amira’s performance, the mask falls off completely

When Amira finally appeared with Massimo at the end of the show, another picture emerged: Now Pocher has completely removed his mask. He smiled happily as the camera focused on him again.

Pocher is completely without a mask on Amira's acting.

Pocher is completely without a mask on Amira’s acting.Image: rtl Screenshot

Source: According to reports “Picture“Amira was in the dark until the last minute to see if Oliver would even come to the studio. She had to take care of the two children at home.