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Roland-Garros: Stephanos citsipas or praise of consistency

Roland-Garros: Stephanos citsipas or praise of consistency

Daniel Medvedev’s performance in Parisian clay may not get 10/10 on the art score, but a “Cow in an ice rink” (The picture is his), he deserves at least the encouragement of the arbitral tribunal. Until this edition of Roland-Karos, the Russian, 25, had not crossed the slightest fold in the Borde de Autou in four participants. Surface allergy, he thought it did not fit his physique or his weird style.

Tuesday June 8, nOh World 2 Stephen faces Citchipas (nOh 5) Paris to a place in the last four of the competition, but his growing love with Greek Ocher was brutally interrupted (6-3, 7-6, 7-5).

For this first shock among the heavyweights of fifteen days, the organizers expect a disgrace to expect the curfew order to be executed at 11pm one day – in vain. Both players were forced to challenge each other in the open, but without electricity in the air, the deserted Caltron.

The Russian tasted the punishment a little: “It’s definitely the game of the day. So Roland-Carros liked the Amazon public.”, Then lamented, referring to the payment platform, which broadcasts the evening sessions exclusively, which is new this year.

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Truck noise

From the start of the match, Medvedev looked like the head of a bad day. The sound of a trolley echoing in the bay emanated from its hinges: “What noise is this? Is it Roland-Gros or future matches [la troisième division du circuit] ? », Before beating the unfortunate employee, he complained to the arbitrator.

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Stefanos Citsipas, he did not let himself be distracted. In the warmth of the center court at night, he was the boss in the Greek service (winning 73% of the first ball) and, basically, made to speak of his almost inherent science of the earth. His favorite quote? Hers. “We must not wait for opportunities, we must create them”, He revealed this week.

In Medvedev’s face, words followed the actions. Realistically, he raised the level of his game when needed, coming back to his opponent in the middle of the second set tie-break and third set, stealing what he threw. Give the look of excessive play.

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Between the two players, the resistance of the styles is perfect: one (Greek), one-handed backhand, attacker from the game estate and baseline; The other, flat shots and a little educational technique, but like a good chess player, wants nothing more than to go into his opponent’s brain. “Daniel Medvedev won ugly, but wins a lot”, once the title New York Times, Brad Gilbert and his rebuttal Ugly won.

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