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Sarah Connor: "I've faced depression all my life" - People

Sarah Connor: “I’ve faced depression all my life” – People

Pop star Sarah Connor (41) is more open and vulnerable than ever before: the successful musician talks about her depression and panic attacks.

Connor was a guest on “SAT.1 Breakfast TV” on Friday. Of course, the conversation with author Benedict Amara was about his new music. But also about the serious titles that flow into their new songs and take them for themselves.

In his ballad “Stark”, the musician addresses the view of the depressed person’s caregiver. Talking openly about it in an interview, on the other hand, gives her “very sweaty hands”.

Connor: “You were the first person I talked to about this song. I can only say: depression and the dichotomy of my thoughts, my existence, is something that has occupied me for the rest of my life. I also grew up with people who had to do it. “

Sarah opens her heart – for greater acceptance and empathetic contact in the community.

Sarah Connor in her panic attacks

The “Voice” star says on “Breakfast TV” that panic attacks can happen at any time: “I was in the woods with my dogs yesterday morning. There was a nice, well-developed panic attack. In the middle of the woods. In the sunlight. I don’t know why. , ‘What is this? Why is this feeling coming now?’

Connor continues: “For me it’s already an old friend. Like a sister there, I think, ‘Well, it’s like that right now.’ (…) I learned to live with it. It’s happening in between. It happens to me in a crowd, in a row, in situations where I can not escape. “

The 41-year-old, who has just returned from Corona, is releasing a new version of his album “Herscroft Verke” starting Friday, 2019.Photo: Image Alliance / Keisler-Photop

Of course, Sarah’s large family is a huge support. In addition to five siblings and two half-siblings, the musician owns four children — two with ex-husband Mark Terence and two with her current husband, Florian Fisher. Florian dedicated his song “In between we are friends”.

Then Sarah reveals a little secret about their marriage: “I have been in a relationship for over twelve years and have been married for many years. Longer than you think. ”

Connor and Fisher have been officially married since 2017 …

Sarah Connor with ex-husband Mark 2005

Sarah Connor with ex-husband Mark 2005Photo: A.P.

Sarah (here 2010) married Florian Fisher today

Sarah (here 2010) married Florian Fisher today Photo: Getty Images

Depression? You can get help here immediately

If you are depressed or have suicidal thoughts, please contact the phone consultation immediately.

On the free hotline 0800-1110111 or 0800-1110222 you can enlist the help of counselors who can point you in the right direction.

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