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Surfer Vasco Ribeiro has an accident at sea and almost drowns: “I got 50 stitches in my face”

Surfer Vasco Ribeiro has an accident at sea and almost drowns: “I got 50 stitches in my face”

That was at the end of July this year Vasco RibeiroThe surfer admitted to his followers, through a statement, that he was addicted to drug use, and the resulting penalty imposed on him by the International Surfing Federation, after the athlete failed in anti-doping controls.

He added: “Today I was informed that I will be suspended from competing at the professional level for 3 years, due to the lack of anti-doping controls. It is time to accept the consequences of my actions, and “I say publicly that I was wrong: I missed checks because I had a drug problem.”he said while sharing.

Vasco Ribeiro admits his drug addiction and was banned for three years: “I made a mistake”

However, the surfer, father of two girls – Dianaeight years, and Mimiout of five, from his relationship with Teresa Dias He did not leave his passion aside, and remained committed to this sport.

But on Wednesday, November 1, Vasco Ribeiro shared on Instagram that he had a moment Great panic and dreadAfter an accident at sea that almost killed himSinking“, as he described, and there are even pictures of his rescue operation.

Two days ago, I had the most dangerous moment of my life, after falling into a pipe. I hit my face on the rock and lost consciousness, and for the first time I thought I was going to drown!“, he began to describe.

“(…) They pulled me out of the water by my shoulder and took me to the hospital where I immediately had surgery and got 50 stitches in my face! I am now in the hospital to recover as much as possible.“, she continued.

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Although he did not specify the beach where the accident occurred, nor the hospital to which he was taken, everything indicates that the case did not occur in Portugal, as the surfer expresses his gratitude for his family’s help.Moroccan familyThroughout this process, as also described in the magazine Faces.

See below the moment of Vasco Ribeiro’s rescue:

Prior to the suspension by the ISA, Vasco Ribeiro had been suspended in 2022, for mental health reasons.