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Until what time should you eat the last meal of the day?  I know the answer

Until what time should you eat the last meal of the day? I know the answer

a Weight gain is just one of the consequences thought to be associated with late dinner. There may be others, but of course it all depends on what needs to be consumed. However, is there a set time for the last meal of the day?

Tim Spector of King’s College London has tracked the eating habits of more than 80,000 people who have used the Zoe Health app. According to The Telegraph, the results are still being analyzed more rigorously.

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However, the initial evaluation succeeded in determining that eating until 21:30 would not affect metabolism during the night and the following hours.

Sarah Perry, Professor of Nutrition at King’s College London and responsible for Zoe Health, goes further and says that the time you eat your last meal matters little as long as you have a 14-hour fasting window.

“There is evidence to suggest that finishing your meals by 8 p.m. is beneficial for metabolic effects and weight loss, although this is not definitive,” he explains.
Sarah Perry.

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