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Xiaomi 12 Utra is already on its way to stores before the presentation in July

Xiaomi 12 Utra is already on its way to stores before the presentation in July

Announcing the official partnership between xiaomiand the Ica It was one of the biggest news that put the Chinese manufacturer in the headlines of many publications. However, we are now waiting for the debut of the first smartphone that boasts this new collaboration, which is supposed to launch on the 5th of July. However, this is the same xiaomi 12 ultra It will already be on its way to the stores in the local market.

It is worth noting first that the Chinese manufacturer did not reveal the date of the official presentation of the smartphone. However, various information leaks have been consistent in the curl of the aforementioned date – July 5. Thus, as the calendar progresses, it is very likely that the first units will already be shipped to sales territories.

The Xiaomi 12S and Xiaomi 12 Ultra range could arrive on July 5

Above, we have one of the images recently shared on the Chinese social network Weibo, which gives an account of the beginning of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra model expedition. Note that this may be the brand name of the model that we have called the Xiaomi 12 Ultra so far, in order to update its naming.

This possibility is related to the possibility of Xiaomi launching a new line of smartphones for the second half of the year, the Xiaomi 12S. Therefore, the most advanced model of the new series of mobile phones will be Xiaomi 12S Ultra, while if they keep the name Xiaomi 12 Ultra and release the 12S range, the Ultra model may look outdated.

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Source: Weibo. Credit: Nioan Technology.

Therefore, we consider the possibility that the first batches will actually reach physical stores in China and other retail channels as highly likely. Something is now supported by photos shared via the social network Weibo, from which the above post has been removed.

Xiaomi 12S range will renew the best smartphones of 2022

a leaker Niuwan Technology gives an account of what it expects to reach Xiaomi 12S Ultra stores in China and also shares what it claims are the launch invitations. In addition, it indicates several possible technical specifications of the smartphone.

Xiaomi 12S, Xiaomi 12S Pro storage variants, specs leaked before launch Specifications Processor: MediaTek Dimensity 9000 MT 6983 Display: 6.55 inches ▪️ Battery Mileage: 4500mAh ▪️ Back Camera: 64MP + 16MP + 8MPS Storage RAM: 12 GB ▪️ ROM: 512 Gigabyte

HellooTech (@hellootech) June 20 2022

However, we can see reference to some of the technical specifications that make up the base models (Xiaomi 12S) and the Pro model (Xiaomi 12S Pro) that will, most likely, be revealed on the 5th of July. Note the proliferation of MediaTek processors.

Source: Weibo. Credit: Nioan Technology.

In short, we will be very close to discovering a new generation of Xiaomi smartphones, and despite the lack of official information, given this volume of information leaks, we consider its arrival in early July very likely. In any case, we advise caution in reading and interpreting these uncertain statements.

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