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Battlefield 4 Expansion Second Assault will be free for a limited time

Battlefield 4 Expansion Second Assault will be free for a limited time

PC and Xbox players will be able to take advantage of this unique opportunity

second assault, expansion in battlefield 4It will be available for a limited time for PCs and players in the ecosystem X-Box. Offer available at OriginAnd on the computer and on Microsoft StoreAnd There is no controller.

Who cares better faster: this special condition It will only last another 6 days, Come back from this moment. It is worth mentioning that It is necessary to have the main game To be able to enjoy this package.

check the Official Announcement, followed by short description Among the contents that can be found in this expansion:

Gulf of Oman 2014: Everything looks normal on this map until a sandstorm hits everything, eliminating visibility and reducing the effectiveness of combat vehicles.

Operation Metro 2014: Fighting opponents and claustrophobia in the Paris Underground. Blast it all against opponents using destructible decks to trap them in flooded subway tunnels.

– Continues after announcement –

Caspian Frontier 2014: The central communications tower has now been transformed into a hammer ready to fall on enemies. Fortify your team members at new lookouts along the walls and stay ahead.

Operation Flamestorm 2014: Create a hell on Earth as you hide through refinery pipelines and shoot from flames to blazing enemies.

Five new weaponsF2000And as valAnd DAO-12And M60E4 and the mighty joule magnum) Ten new missions will also be available. chest In the year 2013, ushering in the last generation, Battlefield 4 is still active with a loyal player base.

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Although some other time-limited promotions have been offered previously Battlefield 1 NS Fifth, the latest releases of the franchise, at very low prices, shooter games fans should not ignore the promo that includes completely free content.

– Continues after announcement –

with the release of Battlefield 2042 Preview for computer NS Old and current keyboardsThis is a way to enjoy intense online combat without having to invest a lot of money – after all, the prices charged in current games are not at all reasonable.