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Disney+ price and option will increase as announcements arrive in November

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Disney has announced that it will increase Disney+ prices and expand the streaming service’s subscription capability in Europe on an option with ads.

After its most recent financial report, Disney has been talking to investors about its plans for an era where companies with streaming services focus on measures to increase profits rather than measures to increase subscribers.

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that on November 1, Disney+ subscription capability will be offered in an ad-supported option in Europe and is already talking about toughening up around password sharing, something Netflix has focused on and where you’re doing well.

At a time when they want to turn around the Disney+ business to start making money, Iger says the ad-supported option has been well received and previous price increases haven’t met with much consumer resistance.

The ad-supported plan will cost €5.99 per month and the new price for the current option may increase to €12.99, but this second price has yet to be officially announced.

Disney reported an increase of 800,000 Disney+ subscribers, compared to the first quarter of 2023, and Iger says the latest results show how they’re working to position the company for the future.

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