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Facebook Reels debuts in Brazil;  Understand the network video method

Facebook Reels debuts in Brazil; Understand the network video method

After being released in the United States in September 2021, it is now Facebook Reels reach Brazil and 149 other countries. As the name suggests, it is the video format created on Instagram, only on Facebook. One of the highlights is that, like YouTube, Meta promises to share ad money with creators.

The idea of ​​the platform is not only to promote this new content on the social network, but also to provide a means of monetizing the content creators. In which way? Through advertising banners, posters, etc., which is still being expanded, according to Facebook. The novelty arrives for iOS and Android from Tuesday (22).

The company highlights that the videos, currently, are very representative of users Implementation. Almost half of the time they spend on Facebook, they watch. Now successful on Instagram, Reels is now landing on Facebook in an effort to bring a bunch of content to the legacy platform.

Resources that can be used with this new tool are:

  • re-blending (using something already in place and putting your face on the roller);
  • reels up to 1 minute;
  • Drafts (giving the user the opportunity to post later or even change the video).

In the coming months, video footage will also be launched, which will provide facilities for cutting videos, as well as publishing live recorded productions.

According to the company, Facebook Reels can be shared across Stories, on Facebook Watch, and in the News Feed (which can prioritize scrolling). The idea of ​​the company still includes making suggestions from Reels that the user has not yet followed through.

Facebook Reels will have a tab in the social network app

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How does the money side work?

There should be various ways to monetize the generated content. Currently in the United States there is a Reels Play Bonus program, in which part of the investments in creators pay up to 35 thousand US dollars (about 176 thousand Brazilian reals) to creators. This all depends on the views, of course. Facebook promises to expand the program to more countries in the coming months.

Direct income will also be generated through advertisements. These can appear in the middle of the reels, for example, or in a strip across the screen.

This app will start in two ways: a banner ad, a semi-transparent overlay at the bottom, and a poster ad. So the creator can put it anywhere on the video and earn money from it.

The company is also rolling out some controls like block lists, delivery reports, labels on reels, stock filters, and more. As with any content on the Website or Application, users will be able to like, save, ignore, share or comment.

All of these models should appear by mid-March in most parts of the world. Facebook Reels will be in the feed, groups, or watch tab.

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