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How sweet! David Carrera shows off a new photo of his infant son

a Good Friday, April 7, ended with a moment of family comfort for David Carrera. On the eve of a new concert, the musician wanted to recharge his batteries in the company of his girlfriend Carolina Carvalho and their baby son Lucas.

And the musician seemed to be sunbathing by the pool, and Carolina Carvalho was sleeping next to him.

He said in a provocative manner, referring to his girlfriend and the theme he created in her honor.

Hearing what David said, Carolina Carvalho got up and reacted. “Wake up, after all he got up,” the musician joked, happy that his provocation had worked.

After these moments of rest, David shared a new photo of his son with fans. The three-month-old boy was lying with his parents on a towel with his feet raised.

It should be noted that David Carrera will perform on Saturday, April 8th at the Constancia in Constancia, Santarem province.

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