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Overwatch will be free until January

note and watch, FPS with MOBA items you produce Blizzard Free to play until January 2nd. The version made available during this trial period allows players to play the full game without any lock on any game feature.

While the game on PC is available via, on consoles, Playstation 4 e X-BoxYou can find the free version on digital media in everyone’s original stores. However, console players must have the subscription service for each console, PSN Plus on Playstation 4 and Xbox Gold on Xbox.

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The initiative to make the game available during such a short period of time came due to this year’s Christmas event. the From Overwatch: Winter Wonderland The game takes place every year-end in-game and features skins and other in-game cosmetics with a Christmas theme.

All progress made during the trial period can be preserved if you purchase the definitive version of the game. Note and watch Currently available for PC, Xbox One, PS4 e Nintendo Switch, as well as PS5 and Xbox Series X | S through backward compatibility.

Note and watch She currently has a sequel in development titled Monitor 2 Continuation of the game he made Blizzard. However, Monitor 2 He doesn’t have a release date yet.

You can check out the trailer for this year’s event below:

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