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The sun's poles are about to flip;  Understand what this could mean  Science and health

The sun's poles are about to flip; Understand what this could mean Science and health

Sun – Image: Getty Images

As on Earth, the Sun has a north magnetic pole and a south magnetic pole, but unlike Earth, whose poles flip over hundreds of thousands of years, the Sun's realignment occurs about every 11 years. The last time this phenomenon happened was in 2013, and now the moment has come again.

According to the Fox website, The solar cycle only slightly affects the climate here on Earth, but it's what happens before the solstice that can cause problems: Before the poles reverse, there is a period of increasingly intense magnetic activity on the Sun's surface. This is what is happening now. “We are actually seeing the Sun more active than it has been for probably 20 years,” said Paul Charbonneau, a solar physicist at the University of Montreal.

Of greatest concern are coronal mass ejections, also known as solar storms. If these storms reach our planet, they have the potential to disrupt satellite communications satellites in space. In the eyes of scientists, according to Fox, this active period in the solar cycle does not represent a danger, but rather provides abundant opportunities for researchers to study the sun in more detail.

It can advance on two fronts: first, better predict when a solar storm might wreak havoc on Earth and spacecraft – especially as manned space missions gain momentum; Second, better understand the Sun's mysterious interior, which will help understand other stars in the universe and even the origin of life.


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