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There's a coding superpower in every woman in tech

There's a coding superpower in every woman in tech

Cara Antoine, Executive Vice President of Capgemini, built a career at famous companies in the technology sector, but it was a special episode in her personal life, the loss of sight in one eye, that led her to join leadership positions and international movements in favor of gender equality. On this International Women's Day, be inspired by the story of a woman who, just as she learned to swim by swimming, learned to “courage through courage.”

A physically and metaphorically imposing figure, Cara Antoine is a global example of the fight for women's empowerment in technology and science. Despite her thirty-year career and impressive resume as a former Microsoft executive and now Executive Vice President and Director of Innovation at Capgemini, it was her personal life — or the obstacles she faced along the way — that gave her the need and momentum to do this. More for others and companies as a consultant.

Cara Antoine is the President of the Women in Global Technology movement in the Netherlands and one of the directors of the movement Think tank G100, which brings together one hundred women committed to raising government awareness of gender equality. In an interview with Jornal Economico, on the sidelines of a conference in Lisbon still full of men in suits, he said that it is “the power of cooperation” that makes the real difference. It is essential to form partnerships and include different voices in discussions, a model that applies to both non-profit organizations and successful multinational corporations.

“Our challenge is to remember that we cannot do everything alone. Working as a team and looking at the broader ecosystem leads to better results. This is the magic formula. A [consultora] Capgemini, as a company, must also form partnerships. It is literally part of our own niche and this journey of moving from IT service provider to business transformation partner,” compares the Dutch manager.

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