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Three newborn siblings found dumped in London

Three newborn siblings found dumped in London

The Child's Mystery: The two children, Harry and Roman, were found several years ago. In January, a third brother was found. Photo: met the police

The three children were found several years apart. Now the police are hunting the parents.

The children were found abandoned abroad at different times – respectively, in 2017 and 2019 and in January this year. It is common for everyone that they were eliminated when they were newborns.

Police in London announced on Tuesday that they had found a link between the three discoveries:

DNA tests show they are siblings, he writes Metropolitan Police In a press release.

The newborn babies were found in the Newham district of London. At the latest, next January. Baby Elsa Discovered by a passerby. The girl was wrapped in a towel in a plastic bag.

In this area, the only child was found in January. Photo: Yue Mok/PA Pictures/NTB

It is believed to be less than one hour old when it was found.

Harry's baby brother was found in the park. A third man, his sister Baby Roman, was found in the playground.

Parents unknown

The parents of the three children are unknown, and the investigation is still ongoing.

“We have worked around the clock to find out the identity of the parents, so far without success,” says Detective Inspector Jimmy Hamm in a written statement.

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On Monday, a family court judge agreed that more information in the case could be shared with the public due to public interest, the PA news agency reported.

– Abandoned children are very, very rare, and in some years such incidents do not occur, Judge Carol Atkinson tells the agency.

Anyone who may have information in the case is asked to contact police.

– I was shocked

In January, Tanja Lorak and her friend Andrea Maria Blake witnessed police calls when Elsa was found.

– There were six to eight police officers here. Lorac, who lives in the neighborhood, added that a lot of people have a lot of questions woman this time.

– I am shocked.

Neighbors Andrea Maria Blake and Tanja Lorak. Photo: Yue Mok/PA Pictures/NTB

Harry and Roman, who were found in 2017 and 2019, were adopted, according to The Guardian. Standard.

But it has not been decided who will take care of Elsa because her birth has not yet been registered.

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