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Benfica Atletico 2 match in the quarter-finals

Benfica Atletico 2 match in the quarter-finals

Game summary

Women's league banner
He clears his throatQuarter-finals, match 2
The final result
INT: 2-0
Benfica 6
Athlete 0

Maria Pereira 3'
Maria Pereira 6'
Janice 26'
Sarah Ferreira 34'
Maria Pereira 34'
Vivo 39'

Women's futsal team Benfica The team managed to reach the semi-finals of the Blackard Women's League qualifiers after defeating Atlético 6-0 on Friday, April 12, at Pavelhão No. 2 da Luz.

with Leninha outside Because of a physical problem Alex Pinto Bet on a starting five consisting of Anna Catarina, Ines Matos, Maria Pereira, Sara Ferreira and Janis SilvaIn the second match of the quarter-finals of the competition.

the right of 1 minute, Anna Katarina He stopped Atletico's attack 2-0 with a goal Great defense Benfica's response was overwhelming. After a song, in 3', Maria Pereira He shot low and was positioned from a distance towards 1-0. to 6'the shirt 7 From the eagles Biso With another shot from outside the area.

Seconds before the break Vivo He almost increased the difference, but his shot hit the goal. mail To the left of Atletico's goal.

In the second part, in 26', Janice Silva Receive the ball, roll over an opponent and shoot across the goal. 3-0. to 27' And for 30', Angelica Alves Two shots were returned before Ironsbut no 4-0 Access finished 34', With the right foot Sarah Ferreira: Janice watched from heel Shirt number 10 Fire to count.

In the same minute (34'), Maria Pereira Arrived to hat trick With another undefendable shot from outside the area for Saleh 5-0 And in 39', Vivo Taking advantage of Atletico's 5-4 win, he fired into an empty net and sealed the scoreline (6-0) The meeting is completely painted in red.

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In the semi final From the Placard Women's League playoff, Five-time national champions They will face the winner of the clash between Santa Luzia and Futsal Viejo: the second match will take place on Saturday, April 13, with Santa Luzia winning (1-0).

Group unit

Benfica – Atletico
Pavilion No. 2 in Luz
Benfica starts with five
Anna Catarina, Ines Matos, Maria Pereira, Sara Ferreira and Janice Silva
Marta Costa, Alexandra Melo, Ana Oliveira, Ines Fernandez, Dricas, Angelica Alves, Mariana Teixeira and Vivo
Atletico starts with five
Karina Pinto, Sofía Carvalhenos, Cristiana Gonçalves, Ruth Carvalho, and Catarina Ribeiro
Sara Montero, Jessica Silva, Matilda Figueiredo, Joana Pereira, Mafalda Angelo, and Ana Rita Márquez
Between halftime 2-0
Benfica: Maria Pereira (3', 6', 34'), Janis (26'), Sara Ferreira (34'), Vivo (39').