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Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion – Human Resources

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At Adecco, diversity and inclusion are part of the journey towards a better future and form a key pillar of our employer branding strategy.

In an increasingly competitive job market, an employer branding strategy is key for organizations to stand out in attracting and retaining top talent. At Adecco, this strategy goes beyond simply searching for qualified professionals. According to Vania Borges, the company's HR director, this is a strong commitment rooted in the values ​​of the brand, which is characterized by its candidate-focused approach and commitment to diversity and inclusion. “At Adecco, our colleagues discover purpose and embrace it authentically and passionately. This goal goes beyond the professional environment, as the company becomes a positive force in the lives of every employee by contributing to building meaningful jobs and positively impacting society.”

Adecco's strategic pillars, for the same reason, are crystal clear: work so that others can do so. “This approach is characterized by its focus on monitoring candidates, ensuring that not only do they find the desired position, but that the position truly aligns with their professional and personal goals,” adds Fania Borges. The social element is undeniable and impacts the lives of people and families on a daily basis by facilitating the search for professional opportunities.

Adecco's interest in diversity and inclusion is so influential that it was reflected in the creation, in August 2014, of a department dedicated to fostering an inclusive work environment. This initiative is not just a response to social trends, but a strategic commitment that reinforces the message that diversity is a critical part of an organization's success. “Adecco not only embraces diversity, but actively integrates it into its employer brand,” highlights the HR Director.

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The goal of this section is to facilitate recruitment and contribute to building inclusive work environments. However, the company does not hide the challenges, especially in employing people with disabilities with limited professional experience. According to Vania Borges, “The employability of this group has gained great importance in the last two years, but it still faces obstacles that Adecco is committed to overcoming.”

Implementing a commitment to diversity and inclusion has gone through several stages, starting with analysis and focusing on internal and external communication. Candidate training and career management have become key elements in ensuring successful integration. The results are particularly evident in raising awareness of internal teams, as demonstrated by the commitment to Diversity Month. “The active participation of employees in managing diversity and inclusion is a sign that the strategy is on the right track, and that the tangible stories of the candidates reflect the positive impact on their lives,” shares the same person in charge.

Therefore, it can be said that collaborating with clients to promote the values ​​of diversity and inclusion has been very well received. Positive feedback from employees and candidates reflects appreciation and pride in Adecco's decision to invest in diversity and inclusion. Growing awareness, especially among younger generations, reinforces the importance of this commitment.

Search for the candidate first and then the vacancy
Adecco's employer branding strategy, with a focus on diversity and inclusion, differentiates the company in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The internal willingness to embrace diversity is not just a response to social norms, but a distinction that positions Adecco as a leader in employing people with disabilities.

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In an HR company, an employer branding strategy, specifically focused on diversity and inclusion, is vital. Adecco recognizes the responsibility to provide diverse candidates, which contributes to enriching work environments. From the D&I journey, two key lessons stand out: preparing the company to embrace diversity as a priority, and the approach of finding the candidate first and then the vacancy.

Diversity plays a crucial role in promoting corporate responsibility and enhancing internal and external reputation and a sense of belonging to the company. The HR manager believes that an employer brand is strengthened when a company is an example of diversity and inclusion: “I believe that diversity and inclusion are the foundations of a better, more equal and more harmonious future for all.”

It is therefore up to each person to not only acknowledge the importance of these values, but also to actively work to integrate them into their lives, organizations and communities. “When we celebrate and embrace differences, we build a richer world, where true power lies in our ability to unite, learn, and thrive together. It's not just a matter of competitive advantage or meeting social norms; it's a matter of fairness, compassion, and, ultimately, building a legacy of inclusion that will resonate.” In future generations.”

Diversity and inclusion are not just words. According to the same professional, “They are the path to a truly bright, globally united future, where every voice is valued, every story is celebrated and every human being is empowered to reach their fullest potential.” Now, everyone must build that future, one comprehensive step at a time.”

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Through its employer branding strategy, Adecco hopes to set an example and inspire other companies to follow the path of inclusion, in building a future where everyone has the opportunity to be part of the world of work.

Vania Borges
HR Manager, Adecco

This article is part of “Employer Branding” published in the January issue (No. 157) of HR magazine.

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