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Investment and technology in data science

Investment and technology in data science

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Looking to the future, Vocab Business School has pioneering initiatives underway in data science, artificial intelligence and neuroscience in the capital. With courses from undergraduate to doctoral, the institution has for more than 20 years continued to innovate in business teaching, achieving the impressive feat of becoming the country’s fifth best university between the public and private sectors, according to Middle East College.

We specialize in training students on real market challenges and providing them with opportunities “The Vocabian” To learn and partner with the Innovation Center and 16 startups inside the classroom, Fucape will now offer one of the nation’s first undergraduate courses in data science for business, and the first in the state in person.

“Data science is a huge need in the market. This course brings together topics focused on programming, logic and artificial intelligence, as well as content from the business world, and is one of the first courses in the country in this format. Automatically, this will give this professional great versatility”says Fucape CEO, Professor Valsimiro Nosa.

As part of its efforts to invest in advances in research and science, VOCAB is establishing two laboratories: one for data science and the other for neuroscience and neuromarketing. Neuromarketing, for example, uses resources such as CT scanning to understand how the brain reacts to each person’s preferences for products, ads, or stimuli.

“By understanding how humans think, we will be able to develop strategies to help businesses truly achieve their goals. We will also have a data science lab, and work with many partnerships with the market to have a data center and align it with our courses and our company’s needs.”“, explains Valsimero.

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The Foundation also trains classes in the first full law course, with a focus on business, which is complete training in this field, with the difference of introducing accounting, economics and legal issues into the curriculum, enabling law professionals to dialogue with specialists. In the business world, data and statistics are even used in decision making.

Integrated human development

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Beyond technical knowledge, students at Fucape receive support from the Center for Integrated Human Development (DHI) to develop so-called soft skills, the skills most in demand by recruiters today, namely behavioral skills. According to a ZipRecruite survey, soft skills are as important as professional training for 93% of companies.

The DHI Center includes a team of psychologists who work alongside faculty members, advising Fucape students on career preparation in an interdisciplinary and personalized way, as well as strengthening the relationship between Fucape students and the labor market, through a strong partnership with companies.

“There is clinical psychological listening to support students and make necessary referrals, in addition to work on assessing the individual behavioral profile required by the labor market. The methodologies with which DHI develops students are active, such as laboratory experiments, training and workshops. We have educational, training, consulting, extension and research programs related to human development and social responsibility.points out Director of Integrated Human Development, Ana Carolina Carvalho.

Since the year of implementation, DHI has served approximately 5 thousand Fucape university students, working with them on the following fronts: employment, behavioral development, technical development, sustainability and civic behavior. On the behavioral level, in addition to psychological support, the student’s emotional intelligence is developed.

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On the civic behavior front, comprehensive education and tutoring are taken up, where students who are having difficulties in their subjects are helped by students as teachers. Economics student Adelso Zambrogno Jr., who works as a tutor in the DHI program, talks about the joy he feels when he can share his knowledge with classmates who need it.

“It’s very gratifying to hear things like, ‘Now this makes sense!’or “Wow, I understand now!” It is something that brings a lot of happiness. Seeing students who previously doubted their ability come to you and tell you that they got an excellent grade is an invaluable experience. Teaching is a very good programme, because everyone wins: those who have difficulty receive help and the teachers have a very positive experience.Reports.