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“My heart stopped beating. I was dead for seven minutes.”

“My heart stopped beating. I was dead for seven minutes.”

sThe tale of Solbakin can say that he was born twice. The first was on February 27, 1968, in Kongsvinger, a town in eastern Norway, near the border with Sweden. The second was on March 13, 2001 in Copenhagen.

He played for Copenhagen and the team coached by Englishman Roy Hodgson was training in his hometown. Solbakin, who is 1.90 meters tall and has no noticeable physical problems, fell unconscious and his heart suddenly stopped beating.

“My heart stopped beating. I was clinically dead for seven minutes. I was taken to the ambulance when it finally responded and my heart started beating again. I was in a coma for about 30 hours and in hospital for 14 days.” The current Norwegian coach said in statements reported by the daily newspaper Marca.

Solbakken’s first name is Stale, which in Norwegian means steel. His body resisted with the strength of its substance to overcome the heart attack that befell him. So much so that he was given medical clearance to return to playing football. However, Solbakin’s decision stopped.

“After several weeks of rest, I got back into shape. I did it. I was doing four full training sessions a week, as usual. I had a pacemaker and was in good physical condition. I had tests and my heart was strong again. “I could play , but there was a theoretical risk, not in red, but perhaps in amber. With children and family, I decided not to play anymore,” he explains when recalling this wonderful phase of his life.

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