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The lucky bill draw has been suspended

Have you heard of the “lucky bill”? the clouds clouds The strategy devised by the Portuguese state was to persuade citizens to always claim the tax number on the bills they pay and thus help in the fight against tax evasion.

Finance has now issued a statement that the Invoice Sorte withdrawal has been held. Learn why.

Anyone who has bills with the taxpayer is entitled to participate in the lucky bill. As mentioned, the aim of this initiative was to encourage taxpayers to request invoices with NIF and to reward taxpayers for tax citizenship in the fight against parallel economy and tax evasion.

However, the Finance has now published information which provides for the temporary suspension of the withdrawal of «Fatura da Sort», pending the fulfillment of the legal requirements relating to the procedure in question. The last draw took place on 12/29, the regular draw No. 52/2022 and the second extraordinary draw. Delivered €35,000 in treasury certificates to the Coimbra taxpayer.

According to Jornal de Negócios, in eight years, according to AT data, 105 cars have already been delivered in regular raffles and 12 in exceptional raffles, with a total value of 4,275 million euros. Treasury certificates have been drawn 394 times - 353 in ordinary draws of €35,000 and 42 extraordinary draws of €50,000 - with a total value of €18.695 million.

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